Michael T. Hutchins

About Michael T. Hutchins

Michael T. Hutchins was trained as an economist and has over thirty years of experience in finance. His expansive career has included roles in academia as an assistant professor of finance at Syracuse University; in investment banking as a managing director at Salomon Brothers, responsible for structured finance and debt capital markets; in securities and trading at UBS as managing director and global head of fixed income, rates, and currencies; as president at Dillon Read Capital Management; and as CEO of PrinceRidge Group. Hutchins is currently an executive vice president, head of the investments and capital markets division, and member of the senior operating committee at Freddie Mac. He is responsible for managing liquidity, financing, single-family securitization, and derivative activities, as well as managing Freddie Mac’s portfolio of single-family securities and loan investments.

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Hutchins earned his PhD in economics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and his BA in economics and mathematics from Washington University. Irreconcilable Politics: Our Rights Under a Just Government is his first book.